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  • You see two new options added to the desktop's context menu
  • Custom Layout save or restore
  • The Restore Desktop Window is equal to the Custom Layout window

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Sergio A. Durán Senior editor

Many times, changing your monitor's screen resolution, arbitrarily modifies the layout of the Windows desktop and the position of the shortcut icons, with the resulting annoyance of being forced to reorganize all your icons until the screen recovers its previous appearance. This is especially inopportune when using programs that modify screen size by themselves, and also change the desktop and icons layout.

Desktop Restore 1.6 works as a Windows Shell extension, which records the respective desktop and icons layout, enabling the user to restore them to their previous arrangement.
In fact, this software is a small addendum to the context menu of your computer, which includes the ability to automatically restore the desktop and the position of your icons to the previous status when the screen resolution is changed. It adds a new option to the context menu that allows the user to automatically retrieve the positions of the icons on the desktop. If you want to restore the position of your icons manually, just click right on the added option and select "Restore Desktop".

Desktop Restore memorizes separately the exact position of all the icons on the desktop for each one of the available screen resolutions. Thus, allowing the user to restore the look of the desktop. How many times have you changed the desktop resolution and discovered that all the icons were lying scattered over the desktop in an anarchic way? There is no longer a need for this to happen again, simply use Restore Desktop, which thanks to its specific functioning and lack of unnecessary components is really small, and has an automatic and clean operation.

Version 1.6.1 is designed to work with Windows 2000, XP and Vista. Also, there is a 64-bit operating systems version, and a command-line version for 32 and 64-bit. You can find older versions to work on older operating systems at the author's web page.


  • Tiny, clean, automatic, and it does just what it is supposed to do.


  • None
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    MKerogazov 5 months ago

    To make it working on Windows 10, go to the home page and select the latest version (on the very top). Download, install, and restart your computer. Then it should appear when you right click your desktop.

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    Jami Borman Last year

    Been using this software for years. Works great. Simple, easy-to-use, reliable. Does not interfere with other software on my machine.

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    Guest 2 years ago

    Works fine with Win XP, does not work at all under Win 7.

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      Guest 2 years ago

      I am running Win 7 64bit and it works great for me. Been using it for years. I use the custom save/restore feature. I have different profiles for when I have my laptop connected to my external monitors and when it is stand-alone.

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